We can’t believe the 2017 US Open Powerlifting Meet has already come and gone. We had no doubt this would be the most successful meet in history, the meet that would change so many lives.

Our goal since day one of partnership is to build on our passion of PRO POWERLIFTING with one VISION, to create a world where Lifters can compete for large cash prizes. Our MISSION is to ’Support the Sport' and the community of Powerlifting. We are determined to join the hard working efforts of Emad Nayef and Markos Markopoulos with ProRaw Powerlifting and Big Dogs.

The 2017 US Open Powerlifting Meet exceeded all of our expectations. CONGRATULATIONS to our $40,000 winners Marianna Gasparyan (Kazakhstan), Ben Pollack (USA) and Yury Belkin (Russia). Thank you to all our athletes who flew in from around the world, their fans, family, friends and everyone who joined us in San Diego. Our audience energy was insane! We had many guest appearances including Ed Coan, Steve Goggins, Mike O'Hearn and their families coaching and supporting all the lifters. A huge highlight of the weekend, in true manner of ‘Supporting the Sport’, is when C.T. Fletcher refused the check we handed him and thanked us for what are doing for Powerlifting. That really hit us in the feels.

MEET BREAKDOWN: The meet started on Friday with weigh in’s at California Elite Training Center, San Diego. Within an hour everyone was weighed and out the door. Saturday’s weigh ins at the Del Mar Fairgrounds were held in the warm up room and at capacity. The officials did an excellent job in getting everyone in and out under a 2 hour window! Thank you so much to Brenna Bulloch and Bill Shumacher for volunteering to help organize. To keep over-crowding down we did our best to allow only 1-2 coaches per athlete. This was appreciated by many US and International lifters so they can warm up in a calm and spacious atmosphere. They also mentioned it was the “best warm up room they have ever experienced” with no extra people crowding them. View the results at

Thank you to our event sponsors, Complete Human Performance LLC - APEMAN STRONG - Virus | Action Sport Performance - - Fran Denim - Iron Bros Athletics - Doughnuts & Deadlifts - Kilo Killers - Old Skool Iron - Primeval Labs - Kabuki Strength - Regiment Meals - General Leathercraft Mfg. Inc - Inzer Advance Designs - Juggernaut Training Systems - Support Military Muscle - American Barbell Club - Innov8 Nutraceuticals - Marine Corps Recruiting and California Elite Training Center

Look out for an even bigger venue coming in 2018!

LIVE STREAM: The live stream was a downfall with technical issues. We apologize to everyone who experienced difficulties with it. We have heard all your feedback and will be applying it for a completely different live stream experience in 2018! Next year’s stream will have many features including an attempt weight displayed on the screen and will run smoothly with a back up option. For those of you who did support the live feed, you now have access to watch all 19 hours of the meet for the next 2 months in HD. If you have any questions or issues, please email

We would like to give a huge shout out to our Media Manager Jolene Jordaan for being very quick in responding to all concerns surrounding the live stream. Jolene has been a total rock star helping us promote this meet along with getting Chuck Norris & Terry Crews on board!

And now, our DREAM TEAM of Spotters and Loaders. Tom Moormeister and Robert Speno ran an incredibly smooth platform making some lightening fast saves. We have received amazing feedback from people around the world about what great spotters they were! Their job was of injury prevention importance and they did not disappoint. Thank you Wes Oberman - Danny Grigsby - Derek Collister - Andre Castro - Dave Bradford and Bruce Orlando Leaupepe. We would also like to shout out to our host with the most, Jared Daigre, who kept the energy going for 2 days straight announcing flawlessly each athlete.

We would like to give recognition to our incredibly hard working Team Amanda Fuller - Sparkle Green and Dan J Roberts. This Team has been working on this meet since day one and we could not have done this without you! We would also like to mention Steve Denison who runs one hell of a meet! We can’t thank Steve enough for the countless hours of coming down to go over venue details and setting up that ‘World Class’ warm up room with all his own equipment including calibrated plates and 2 flat screens.

Choosing the USPA to sanction the 2017 US Powerlifting Open was the best decision as we were able to hand pick each referee, and we certainly picked the best! The USPA has been setting the standard at their National and World Championships for years. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of judging and we will be inviting the same refs back for 2018! Thank you to Bill Neuman, Mike Tronske, Dan & Stephanie Stephens, Scott Layman and Salina Vega.

Most importantly, this meet would not be possible without YOU, our powerlifting family! Thank you for your support and because of YOU there WILL be a 2018 US Open Powerlifting Meet with the largest payouts in Powerlifting history! We will keep you guys posted on all the details coming soon. Check out our website for updates or join our online community at or

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Are you interested in competing next year? View where you rank at (International Lifters can compare your ranking to the Top 5 U.S.). If you are interested in sponsoring or being part of our event team, please contact

Thank you and see you next year!

Russell Kern and Gracie V, Founders, The US Open Powerlifting